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August 26, 2005

First invitation to convene a gathering of CI practitioners

Responding to a need we sensed in the world for augmenting the CI of the CI field itself, Tom Atlee and myself sent the following invitation to two dozen colleagues, on July 3rd, 2004,

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What could collective intelligence (CI) accomplish if we who believe
in it could become a collectively better vehicle for its realization
on earth? How many of our organization's, nation's and humankind's
"wicked" problems -- seemingly unsolvable dilemmas -- could be
successfully addressed if CI practitioners and scholars engaged in
collaborative inquiries with such questions as:

* What are the main frameworks, models, and distinctions of
collective intelligence (CI) that we currently use? What do we
already know about them? Why do we use them?

* What do we still need to understand about the roles played by
various CI forms and approaches -- about their strengths, conditions
for success, limitations, and potential synergies and downsides,
etc.? What do we need to do to advance that understanding?

* How can we envision using these various CI forms and approaches
to successfully address the great challenges facing our communities
and organizations, societies and global civilization?

* What evidence do we see that today's CI practitioners may be
the tip of an evolutionary wave, of an idea movement that may
significantly broaden in coming years and decades? How can we best
help accelerate any such emergence and the learning of all who will
be involved in it, including ourselves?

* What if we used our own medicine and enhanced our own
collective intelligence? What has to happen for us to acknowledge
that our "collective is the most important teacher on this whole
journey" (as Otto Scharmer told Craig Hamilton) and to apply CI to
the conscious evolution of the CI field/movement itself?

These are just a sample of questions that we might want to address in
an invitational CI research workshop or conference, perhaps a year
from now or sooner. The actual design and any agenda or guiding
inquiries would emerge from the work of the Conveners Team. We
invite you to join us as a founding member of that team.

As a Convener you would participate in:

* A chaordic process of designing the event
* Compiling the invitation list and co-authoring the convening message
* High-level coordination and decisions about the logistical
factors necessary to make it happen

The journey to which we invite you promises to be a great learning
for all of us. We hope to hear from you soon.

Coheartedly co-evolving with you,

Tom and George

Posted by George Por, Fri, Aug 26 2005 10:16 AM
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