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August 26, 2005

Practice-oriented questions

Below is the set of our practice-oriented the questions that emerged from the conference call of March 5, 2005.

What are the practices/learnings that this community should cultivate to really enable the practicing of CI/W among ourselves? in the world?

What are the intrapersonal, interpersonal, transpersonal and societal skillsets, methods, and understandings necessary to optimize the spread of CI/W practices into diverse groups of people around the globe who would benefit from them in working to create a better world?

If we were to see ourselves as a community of practice (within the field or context of CI/W), how might we use/apply our learnings and experience in this community of practice to benefit the larger whole?

How can we grow from being a community of learners to being a community that learns?

What is the relationship between our own work and the work of this CoP? In particular, what are the assumptions underlying the fact that we usually spend less than five percent of our time in/on this CoP?

If we were to be a community of practice, how might we embody wholeness and evolution in our being together in every moment?

How can we make our ways of being together for example, in conference calls and online spaces more co-intelligent?

Imagine that you are a consultant to this Collective Intelligence Convenors' Circle. We have asked you to help us embody and facilitate emergence. We come to you as a CI/W practitioner for advice to help us bring forth our CI/W. What do you say? What are your guidelines? (Be clear on the skills you would train, the conditions you would need to have in place, the principles that would underlie your approach, and why you would use certain methods. Then share the questions that you are left with, the things you remain uncertain about.)

Posted by George Por, Fri, Aug 26 2005 11:26 AM
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