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September 23, 2005

Using ES-2 for gathering momentum to convene the CI field

Tom, after our retreat in Hazelwood I re-read the report from the first Evolutionary Salon at the Hacienda, last May. One of the conclusions that you, Connie, Peggy and Michael arrived to, is particularly inspiring:

"We will catalyze and encourage the attendees of the ES 2005 Hacienda -- and others like them/us -- to convene strategic conversations / evolutionary salons of their own design. If we can set things up to evoke a flurry of self-organized evolutionary salons, we will be able to have far greater impact than if we organize them all ourselves."

Given the theme of ES-2, I think it would be a good opportunity to build momentum for Calling the CI Field, by circulating an updated version of 1.0 of the document that we completed in Hazelwood.

I suggest that we include in it the idea of a series of CI-specific salons, just before each main ES that Michael is convening, or if not a series, at least one ES of the CI field as we talked about it in the Call paper of January 2nd.,

Here are some more ideas about the document.

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 23 2005 12:23 PM
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September 14, 2005

Coordinating our co-authoring on the fly


When will you check your email last time, before leaving for the airport? I will post version 0.3 (intro + an update of the main text), before noon. You can print out and have it with you on the plane for your reading enjoyment. Let the next-gen ideas in your mind emerge when you’re above the clouds. :-)

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 14 2005 01:22 AM
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intro to "Convening the Field of Collective Intelligence"

draft, version 0.2

Tom, please comment on the text, and/or even better, post your new 0.3 as new entry. Comments from anybody else are also welcome!

What is a "source document"?

“A source document is a reference text for continual renewal, and something that can be returned to at any point of paradox or difficulty in making choices. It provides a basis for dialogue that generates meaning. ‘Source’ refers to the basic elements from which something emerges. It applies to those things that are continually emerging, that have lives of their own, that generate their own shape and identity. A ‘document’ enables us to relate current circumstances and current development to original intentions. This provides us with a connection to our history and identity...” -- Emergence, organisation and freedom: the sources of innovation, a talk by Michael McMaster, London 1997.)

Intended uses of this document;

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 14 2005 12:44 AM
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September 12, 2005

Collective Intelligence/Wisdom and Emerging Crises

This chart shows a big reason to prioritize developing our macro-scale (societal and global) collective intelligence and wisdom. Given the shortcomings of our individual intelligence, we need to rapidly increase our collective capacities or we will be overwhelmed by crises beyond our comprehension.

Posted by Tom Atlee, Mon, Sep 12 2005 12:28 AM
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September 10, 2005

Functions of Collective Intelligence - and Names for its Aspects

Collective intelligence is intelligence that arises from -- and is a capacity or characteristic of -- groups and other collective living systems.

Although collective intelligence can be coherently defined, in practice it is not one thing. It serves diverse functions, comes in diverse forms, and has many diverse names and aspects.

Posted by Tom Atlee, Sat, Sep 10 2005 06:29 PM
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September 09, 2005

Not a core group, then what? pollen?

Tom captured in his email of Sept. 4 to us what I think a good summary of the "core group" idea's morphing into something else, as follows:

It seems that we are not actually a core group. We are part of a process that wants to happen, as are Devon and the ESes. We are people who take this inquiry seriously and chose to devote most of two days to exploring it, and have ended up feeling connected to each other and volunteering to do some things along this line. We are not yet sure whether it makes sense to add others to any future meetings we have (we have to talk about it amongst ourselves first), but we are definitely not a core group, in any dedicated exclusive sense of the word.

To stay with the "flowers and meadow" metaphor, are we the bee pollen? Does bee-pollen inform the flowers about that they are the meadow? Do we need another metaphor? Let's try to define who we are with action rather than with words. I think a name, if we need one, will come from what we actually do.

Here's a suggestion for the way forward:

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 09 2005 11:10 AM
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September 08, 2005

Asking tech questions on the use of this blog

In a comment on my "What constitutes 'important' in blog entries" post, Tom wrote:

Your examples, and your statement "Anything that wouldn't make much sense to inventory and weave into the fabric of our collective memory a few months/years from now, when the blogs and their URLed entries may still serve us as part of the 'tangible' infrastructure of our CI..." were very clarifying. I think I'll be able to get the hang of it now, starting with this...

Tom and everybody, please keep asking questions whenever the clarification of something may enhance your blog experience, make your use of this tool a bit more triple-e: more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. The answers triggered by your questions may have the same triple-e effect for the rest of the group...

Posted by George Por, Thu, Sep 08 2005 08:56 AM
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Uploading documents and pictures


Did you know that you don't necessarily have to put a whole document in a blog entry? You can write a brief intro to it, then upload it as a file that will appear as a link. Others can download your file by clicking on the link.

You can even upload pictures (or anything digital) to add some "high touch" to our high-tech co-blogging experience, just like I did here.

Adding a little color here and there does take a few minutes more "work" when you create a new entry but think of that extra effort as either your learning to become a more effective communicator online, or an expression of your love for the whole, which manifests in your attention to beautifying our "virtual camp," or both.

So how do you those uploads? Here's how:

Posted by George Por, Thu, Sep 08 2005 08:18 AM
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Convening the Field of Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence is intelligence that arises from -- and is a capacity or characteristic of -- groups and other collective living systems.

Although collective intelligence can be coherently defined, in practice it is not one thing. It serves diverse functions, comes in diverse forms, and has many diverse aspects. In fact, it is so multifarious that few of us who work with it comprehend its many dimensions. The time is ripe for us to come together and discover the fullness of the field we’ve been working in.

Posted by Tom Atlee, Thu, Sep 08 2005 12:58 AM
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September 07, 2005

What constitutes "important" for an entry (vs. a comment)

Tom wrote in an email:

> It would be very useful if you would write a piece delineating what you see as appropriate blog comment entries. Right now, all I know from your writeup... is that "unimportant messages" -- such as short questions intended for the original poster -- are acceptable. What constitutes "important"?

Here is my try to meet his request:

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 07 2005 10:05 PM
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When to post a comment vs. a blog entry

I suggest to post important messages in new entries, not in comments because, as you may have noticed, entries unlike comments, have their own title, URL and associated categories. Those attributes make the navigation, referencing and combination of ideas expressed in them easier.

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 07 2005 08:27 PM
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September 06, 2005

Until the circle can hold no more...

Buffalo.JPG "Creation does not take place where there is a scattering and dissipation of energies. Creation requires a gathering together and focusing of your power within a circle of commitment - like a seed, an egg, a womb or a marriage... .

Consider wisely the ways in which you would use your power and then around those ways draw the sacred circle of commitment.

In the warm atmosphere of that circle, the power of love builds and builds like a storm above the wet summer prairie until suddenly the circle can hold no more and explodes in the conception of the new." - White Buffalo Calf Woman said.

(from "Return of the Bird Tribes," by Ken Carey)

Does the wisdom of this parable have something to do with our recent conversations? I believe so.

Posted by George Por, Tue, Sep 06 2005 12:10 AM
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September 05, 2005

Processing Tom's summary for the larger circle

Tom's summary is GREAT; it gives not only the facts but evokes the feelings/energies too.

My slight concern is that readers will feel the same disappointment that you and maybe others in Seattle felt, IF you interpreted my message as suggesting that we abandon the idea of a conference, thus throw out the wonderfully detailed design ideas, all of your work of Thursday afternoon. Somehow the essence of my suggestion got lost, which was not replacing but preceding the conference by movement building (and the various projects that can strengthen it). From the same inspiration came my blog entry on “The larger process and its purpose”. Would you agree to include it in the summary as an appendix?

Posted by George Por, Mon, Sep 05 2005 08:41 AM
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September 04, 2005

The CI-field as an Open Space

What was most inspiring for me in our transatlantic CI meeting was a much deeper understanding - with mind and body - of what is "the CI-field".
For me it is not the sum of the individuals; it is not the 3 concentric circles as described by Tom; it is not even the connections between het conversations as we talked about it in our closing session; but for me the CI-field is the process of an ever-growing and ever-expanding Coll.Intelligence, through the individuals, through the connnections, through the ftf and online meetings, through...

Posted by Ria Baeck, Sun, Sep 04 2005 10:53 PM
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The larger process and its purpose

Tom wrote in an email:

> It seems that we are not actually a core group.

I do agree.

> We are part of a process that wants to happen, as are Devon and the ESes.

Probably. Let’s take a closer look at what that may mean.

Posted by George Por, Sun, Sep 04 2005 09:40 PM
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September 02, 2005

concentric circle model of the CI/W field

1. those who think in terms of the field of collective intelligence/wisdom, in all its diversity

2. those who do CI/W work and call it by that (or a closely related) name

3. those who do CI/W-related work and don't think or talk in terms of collective intelligence and wisdom

Posted by Tom Atlee, Fri, Sep 02 2005 07:03 PM
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- Potential results from the basecamp of Sept. 1-2.

Here are some suggestions for results from the basecamp of Sept. 1-2.

(I call it a "basecamp" because, from my perspective, we are on a
learning expedition into "awakening the flowers to the meadow.")

Of course, it's unlikely that we can meet all or even most of them but i trust we can figure out our priorities for today, together.)

- a high-level Roadmap (version 0.1) outlining the major milestones
between now and January 14-18,2006

- the outline of our shared learning agenda, including
- a small set of CI pratcices we want to jointly pursue
- our Question basket 0.1
- minimalist CI taxonomy
- a new map of what is moving on the field

- exploring how the development and maintainance of our enabling
technology infrastructure can become a shared responsibility

- shared clarity about the nature and lavel of commitment required
for membership in the core group

embodied practice of shared reflection, lessons learned

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 02 2005 05:48 PM
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The role of Tipping Point's psychological types

Connecting with Michelle, Joel and Tom, Thursday night (Seattle time), I heard that you suggest using the psychological types of the Tipping Point" in designing the invitation process. Here's a quick background research on the subject.

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 02 2005 12:15 PM
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Three kinds of commitment to the CI/W project

There can be at least three kinds of commitment to this:

1. MISSION COMMITMENT in which we believe in the compelling potential of integrating the collective intelligence/wisdom movement or field and are dedicated to playing a role in realizing that potential sometime, somehow. This may or may not involve any specific activity commitments, but we are actively looking for how it could happen, who might be interested, when the timing is right, etc. This kind of commitment lasts for years, and is a theme or calling in our lives. Often it feels like it has us, rather than we having it.

2. ACTIVITY COMMITMENT in which we say we are going to do certain actions. This could include volunteering for some needed task or function, or regularly participating in online working group forums, etc.

3. DEPENDABILITY COMMITMENT in which we do what we say we will do. This involves following through on our activity commitments and, even more basic, keeping appointments and responding to communications in a timely manner.

Posted by Tom Atlee, Fri, Sep 02 2005 07:58 AM
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CIW Conference ~ Design Elements Musings (1)

Notes from Sept. 1 Evening
Seattle-Gathering w/Joel & Michelle Levey, Tom Atlee, Sheri Herndon, David Marsing, and Dan Leahy

Wonderful time together here - non stop - literally from 5 til 9:30.
What follows are rough notes re-elements and themes specifically related to conference design. Much refinement and clustering of ideas needs to take place.

Expectations of participants (in the conference)

Take an "appreciative approach/frame" honoring and appreciating ALL methods and networks of CIW present.

Example from ? conference where they had RFID in tags to help map and visualize the networks of people's movements throughout the conference to redesign next years conference layout for optimal interactions - ie attend to physical space lay out

Mapping and topographies of interactions - pay attention

Be skilful of invitational cylce - tribes and key peoples
go fro max mix
include young and elders

Talk w/ organizers of the Gathering of Nations - in Albequerque sp? for ideas on how they organize such diversity among their tribes.

1- look at cataegoirs of CI we want present
2- ID the mavines and luminaries in each of them
3- Ignite their interest
4- empower them to invite others

Invest in developing the capacity of poeple to appreciate the diversity ie there is a training element to how the conference is presented (David)
- What are the necessary skills and capabilities that we need to emerge to launch this work in a big way?

Need time 4-5 days to really move through to deen the practice thruough real experience need a learning and FB cyucle to reflect on what they just saw/heard/experienced

Design a GENERATIVE LEARNING PROCESS - to develop capacity of participants - adjust and refine as we go with lots of iterative self-reflective torodial loops built into the process

Set an expectation for action for participants
- before -eg. submit a paper, blog,m presentation, pod-cast for tcommunity
- after - what will you do or who / how will you share what you have learned here

Hybridize Cafe and Open-Space processes (we had LOTS of dialogue about this one and how to best do this - as primary methodologies for the conference (pages of notes likely on this one from our dialogue)

Inspire a sense of possiblity - in harnessing our diverse collective potentials

How do we develop the practices that reinforece core CIW principles?

Who do groups come together and work at a higher capacity?

How can we tarnsport our learning and processes out through networks to other groups most effectively?

Make CIW field
- more visible to itself
- more appreciative of itself
- better able and more equiped to work at higher levels

Consider where have things not worked (from other conferences - eg European Social Forum - see paper on this by Phil McLeash sp? The Promise of the European Social Forum - ie the Forum was designed backward - should have done the
- this is what I'm working on and have passion for
- let's network

Funding possibilites
- Fetzer - ie. CIW and Diversity interest Left and Right (include design to create a video/dvd that can expand the circle of inspiration)
- Hewlett
- Ford
- Sheri had another one AGI ???

End of Joel conference design elements specific list - see other notes that will have more detail on other themes and topics that we discussed.

Posted by Joel Levey, Fri, Sep 02 2005 06:35 AM
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A new groove

In my memory of the future, I saw the field of collective intelligence and wisdom as a morphogenetic field, in which new grooves are etched by pioneering initiatives. The success of ours created a new groove for the benefit of explorers in subsequent generations: the passionate ones who dedicated their expedition to circle into center of the arts and sciences of CI&W, as well as, those who “only” wanted to increase the evolutionary fitness of their communities, by becoming better CI&W practitioners.

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 02 2005 01:19 AM
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September 01, 2005

Together with us in spirit

We received today messages from Craig Neal and Glenna Gerard, who both participated in the larger group ( we used conference calls) and out of which this initiative was born.

Posted by Ria Baeck, Thu, Sep 01 2005 11:11 PM
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Two domains of taxonomy building

Tom wrote in response to my entry on taxonomy:

> Your main description of taxonomy suggests that we need a taxonomy for "the field of collective intelligence" -- the conceptual architecture of what we're talking about when we say "the field of collective intelligence" (such as my three articles, but co-created).

Yes, I believe that developing a common language based on shared mental models captured in an emergent, collaborative taxonomy, can be an essential contribution of our group to the field and also an attractor for the next year’s CI conference.

> Now I hear you saying we need to work over the taxonomy of this blog, which I thought was about planning this event. The word taxonomy here apparently refers to the categories we use to classify our entries on the blog... I understand that technically (I think?), but I'm not finding it easy to grasp the elusive bigger picture that you are seeing that involves making a "taxonomy" for this organizing/discussion space, and reworking that taxonomy.

Tom, heartfelt thank you for asking for clarification, which nudges me to say more about what I see.

Posted by George Por, Thu, Sep 01 2005 10:31 PM
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What my dreaming revealed

My envisioning shows (again) a direct link between our gathering now and the Evolutionary Salon and probably
other meetings in Jan. in Seattle. After that time/space frame I see an outburst of energy; almost something like a Big Bang. My inner image of linear time seems to vanish at that point.

Our meeting now and the meeting in Devon within a few weeks seems like preparation, exercises for Jan. and beyond. My wildest dream is that, whatever will happen in Jan. and whatever event we are going to organise, consciousness and awareness will be growing that collective intelligence, collective wisdom and collective consciousness will end up in collective leadership. And probably we are the ones to hold that vision and to be an example, a prototype of that.

In more feminine language I named collective leadership "the CircleBeing". (If you follow the link and have limited time, see the diagram p.17; and/or read p.4-9 and p.12-16.) In my wildest dream it cannot be else than that our CI-CW-CC ends in collectives of people, CircleBeings, who take on tasks, responsibilities as one entity.

Posted by Ria Baeck, Thu, Sep 01 2005 08:01 PM
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Opening of our gathering

Today, Thursday at 6 pm Belgian time, Duri and I went outside with meditation cushion and chair to start our gathering. We first took the time to meditate and reach the deep silence within ourselves.

After that, Duri opened the circle by sharing his connection with the nature around him and the presence of the evolutionary impulse happening through us. He spoke about deep peace and ease of being. I confirmed all his words and continued with calling the spirits in for support and guidance. That we may speak and act according to our deepest impulse; and I asked for courage and for humour!

I envisioned the 8 of us sitting in a circle with the flowers in the middle, that I just gathered from my garden in honour of our work together.

When we came back in, we saw 3 messages on the screen: Dan, David and Sheri each send an email within 20 min. time, while we were meditating...

Posted by Ria Baeck, Thu, Sep 01 2005 07:43 PM
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Posted by Dan Leahy, Thu, Sep 01 2005 07:39 PM
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Nectar emerged from my dream-juicer!!

Report on my Birthday, 2009

At our August 2006 conference we were unable to accommodate the hundreds of people who wanted to attend (far beyond our expectations; we'd only planned for 200) (like happened to NCDD at their first conference in 2002). But thanks to the brilliant networking, organizing, and online collaboration tools, everyone -- attendees and not -- were eager to help it happen, to help the next one happen, and to participate in the many working groups, dialogues, and projects that arose out of and in association with it -- including many functions that helped the field start exercising its own self-enhancing, self-evolving, self-organizing collective intelligence. The next year's conference had 1789 attendees. By 2008 the field had definitely become a conscious field and was being written about in major media and novels. By Spring semester 2009, there were 23 universities offering majors in collective intelligence (and the related major of integrated human systems). Today, on April 8, 2009, Google is listing 16,983,126,000 pages on "collective intelligence". In English.

Our organizing method was so inspired and brilliant (ahem, amen) that by 2007 we had all retired to a remarkable retreat center in Hawaii where we meditated, ate pineapples, and read the flurry of emails, journals, novels and websites marking the explosive development of this field. Every now and then we'd write a well-received article, or pat each other on the back. But the Old Man was right proud of us, as he had said 2500 years ago: "When the leader leads well, the people say 'We did it ourselves.'"

We spend a lot of time watching the sunrise -- literally and figuratively. There's now no question that "the world will make it."

Posted by Tom Atlee, Thu, Sep 01 2005 02:51 AM
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Our wildest and juiciest dreams related to our Work together

Hello dear friends,

This is an invitation from my heart to the heart of all of us.
Let's join each other in presencing the future that we want to co-create, in two steps:

1. Enter in individual contemplation of the following question, each of us using her/his preferred way to gather essential information from the Field via deep intuition.

What is my wildest and juiciest dream that can come alive by our calling the CI conference into being, and our process of co-creating it?

2. Post what we become aware of during that contemplation, with an evocative title, and associate the entry with the Wildest Drems category.

Ria and I will do the same before going to sleep Thursday night (Central European time). If you read this message in time, and accept my invitation, then please do the same before Thursday 4m (PST). By the time you guys wake up, our dreams will be online but please read it only after posting yours.

Posted by George Por, Thu, Sep 01 2005 12:21 AM
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Ideas for our meeting design

In the early 90's when Joel and Michelle and I worked with the International Center for Organization Design, we frequently used a "meeting design" process that has been serving me and my clients well ever since, until recently. I find its basic template still useful but needs to coupled by another process to energize that framework. Below are both the basic meeting design template, and the reference to an additional, life-giving component.

Posted by George Por, Thu, Sep 01 2005 12:16 AM
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