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September 14, 2005

Coordinating our co-authoring on the fly


When will you check your email last time, before leaving for the airport? I will post version 0.3 (intro + an update of the main text), before noon. You can print out and have it with you on the plane for your reading enjoyment. Let the next-gen ideas in your mind emerge when you’re above the clouds. :-)

I will have access to the net, at the place of a friend of Ria, before entering Hazelwood, from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. If you can find a netcafé, (if no local friend with broadband connection) and have energy to upgrade my draft 0.3 to 0.4 then pls email it or post it in the blog, whatever is simpler, by Friday noon (UK time).

If you can do that, then I'd try to can prepare it for release it as version 1.0 to be shared in Hazelwood. (Btw, I consider your original post on “Convening the Field of Collective Intelligence” as 0.1.) If not, that's fine too. I will also have a datastick, "so we can exchange versions even if the email line isn't working well there," as you wrote on Skype.

One of the reasons of why I’ve chosen to put this message in the blog (rather than to skype or email it) is this: it can also serve as opener to a new conversation we'll need to have at some point, about the evolutionary potential of observing our own CI practices and co-committing to continually improve them, make them more triple-e: co-Effective, co-Efficient, and co-Enjoyable!

Knowing that you are working on other CI-related urgent projects, too, I do not assume that you can give a lot of attention to the suggested rounds of update, particularly, on the road. However, if you can, then we will not only have a more evocative, grounded, and engaging document for convening the field; we will also have a documented case of a useful, if not mission-critical CI practice: rapidly combining emergent thoughts from two (or more) sources, free from the constraints of geography, time zones, and travel schedules.

[soapboax]Let’s notice how we are working on this Convening piece, an “emergent document,” while one or both of us are on the road. May it become a small scale prototype for leveraging our mobility and connectedness in novel ways that produce higher capacity for co-intelligence. A small step for our circle of CI pioneers, a precursor of a major step in liberating the flows of CI and co-creation from all barriers: cognitive, cultural, political, economic, and technical. :-) [/soapboax]

Tom, I would love the develop with you the best document to share with our colleagues but do not want to put neither myself nor you under any performance pressure. All we need to do is to create a sufficiently coherent and easy-to-engage-with draft. And your 0.1 has already done that. Anything beyond that comes from the joy co-creation...

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 14 2005 01:22 AM
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