Convening the Field of CI

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September 14, 2005

intro to "Convening the Field of Collective Intelligence"

draft, version 0.2

Tom, please comment on the text, and/or even better, post your new 0.3 as new entry. Comments from anybody else are also welcome!

What is a "source document"?

“A source document is a reference text for continual renewal, and something that can be returned to at any point of paradox or difficulty in making choices. It provides a basis for dialogue that generates meaning. ‘Source’ refers to the basic elements from which something emerges. It applies to those things that are continually emerging, that have lives of their own, that generate their own shape and identity. A ‘document’ enables us to relate current circumstances and current development to original intentions. This provides us with a connection to our history and identity...” -- Emergence, organisation and freedom: the sources of innovation, a talk by Michael McMaster, London 1997.)

Intended uses of this document;

To provide a common ground for the continued development of the design and enabling conditions for a sustainable, global network of individuals, communities, organizations, and whole cultures, feeding and being fed by the field of CI.

It is designed to:

1.1 Encourage the emergence of self-organizing, co-creative communities of practitioners in the arts and disciplines of CI.

1.2 Provide a shared reference for the field's collective consciousness.

1.3 Provide an initial framework for the interpretation and evaluation of collective choices, decisions and actions, and events. To that regard, it needs to be appended by a small set of generative "CI principles."

1.4 Be in constant use, encourage active dialogue and the emergence of new CI capabilities in society.

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 14 2005 12:44 AM
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