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September 07, 2005

When to post a comment vs. a blog entry

I suggest to post important messages in new entries, not in comments because, as you may have noticed, entries unlike comments, have their own title, URL and associated categories. Those attributes make the navigation, referencing and combination of ideas expressed in them easier.

When you choose a title for your message, think about how you want us to be able to find it later. Finally, adding a category or two, helps facilitating the emergence of meaning from our conversation. You can select categories to add, on the text entry page.

If you have any question about all this, post it here as a comment. (Short questions are good condidates for being posted as comments, not an entry.)

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 07 2005 08:27 PM
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Duri, I suppose you mean "categories" when you are talking here about keywords? or not?

Posted by: Ria Baeck at September 7, 2005 09:49 PM

Thanx 4 catching it. You're right, I meant "categories." I've just fixed it in the entry above.

Posted by: George at September 7, 2005 10:03 PM
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