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September 14, 2005

Coordinating our co-authoring on the fly


When will you check your email last time, before leaving for the airport? I will post version 0.3 (intro + an update of the main text), before noon. You can print out and have it with you on the plane for your reading enjoyment. Let the next-gen ideas in your mind emerge when you’re above the clouds. :-)

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 14 2005 01:22 AM
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September 07, 2005

What constitutes "important" for an entry (vs. a comment)

Tom wrote in an email:

> It would be very useful if you would write a piece delineating what you see as appropriate blog comment entries. Right now, all I know from your writeup... is that "unimportant messages" -- such as short questions intended for the original poster -- are acceptable. What constitutes "important"?

Here is my try to meet his request:

Posted by George Por, Wed, Sep 07 2005 10:05 PM
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