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September 02, 2005

CIW Conference ~ Design Elements Musings (1)

Notes from Sept. 1 Evening
Seattle-Gathering w/Joel & Michelle Levey, Tom Atlee, Sheri Herndon, David Marsing, and Dan Leahy

Wonderful time together here - non stop - literally from 5 til 9:30.
What follows are rough notes re-elements and themes specifically related to conference design. Much refinement and clustering of ideas needs to take place.

Expectations of participants (in the conference)

Take an "appreciative approach/frame" honoring and appreciating ALL methods and networks of CIW present.

Example from ? conference where they had RFID in tags to help map and visualize the networks of people's movements throughout the conference to redesign next years conference layout for optimal interactions - ie attend to physical space lay out

Mapping and topographies of interactions - pay attention

Be skilful of invitational cylce - tribes and key peoples
go fro max mix
include young and elders

Talk w/ organizers of the Gathering of Nations - in Albequerque sp? for ideas on how they organize such diversity among their tribes.

1- look at cataegoirs of CI we want present
2- ID the mavines and luminaries in each of them
3- Ignite their interest
4- empower them to invite others

Invest in developing the capacity of poeple to appreciate the diversity ie there is a training element to how the conference is presented (David)
- What are the necessary skills and capabilities that we need to emerge to launch this work in a big way?

Need time 4-5 days to really move through to deen the practice thruough real experience need a learning and FB cyucle to reflect on what they just saw/heard/experienced

Design a GENERATIVE LEARNING PROCESS - to develop capacity of participants - adjust and refine as we go with lots of iterative self-reflective torodial loops built into the process

Set an expectation for action for participants
- before -eg. submit a paper, blog,m presentation, pod-cast for tcommunity
- after - what will you do or who / how will you share what you have learned here

Hybridize Cafe and Open-Space processes (we had LOTS of dialogue about this one and how to best do this - as primary methodologies for the conference (pages of notes likely on this one from our dialogue)

Inspire a sense of possiblity - in harnessing our diverse collective potentials

How do we develop the practices that reinforece core CIW principles?

Who do groups come together and work at a higher capacity?

How can we tarnsport our learning and processes out through networks to other groups most effectively?

Make CIW field
- more visible to itself
- more appreciative of itself
- better able and more equiped to work at higher levels

Consider where have things not worked (from other conferences - eg European Social Forum - see paper on this by Phil McLeash sp? The Promise of the European Social Forum - ie the Forum was designed backward - should have done the
- this is what I'm working on and have passion for
- let's network

Funding possibilites
- Fetzer - ie. CIW and Diversity interest Left and Right (include design to create a video/dvd that can expand the circle of inspiration)
- Hewlett
- Ford
- Sheri had another one AGI ???

End of Joel conference design elements specific list - see other notes that will have more detail on other themes and topics that we discussed.

Posted by Joel Levey, Fri, Sep 02 2005 06:35 AM
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