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September 09, 2005

Not a core group, then what? pollen?

Tom captured in his email of Sept. 4 to us what I think a good summary of the "core group" idea's morphing into something else, as follows:

It seems that we are not actually a core group. We are part of a process that wants to happen, as are Devon and the ESes. We are people who take this inquiry seriously and chose to devote most of two days to exploring it, and have ended up feeling connected to each other and volunteering to do some things along this line. We are not yet sure whether it makes sense to add others to any future meetings we have (we have to talk about it amongst ourselves first), but we are definitely not a core group, in any dedicated exclusive sense of the word.

To stay with the "flowers and meadow" metaphor, are we the bee pollen? Does bee-pollen inform the flowers about that they are the meadow? Do we need another metaphor? Let's try to define who we are with action rather than with words. I think a name, if we need one, will come from what we actually do.

Here's a suggestion for the way forward:

Posted by George Por, Fri, Sep 09 2005 11:10 AM
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