Convening the Field of CI

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September 10, 2005

Functions of Collective Intelligence - and Names for its Aspects

Collective intelligence is intelligence that arises from -- and is a capacity or characteristic of -- groups and other collective living systems.

Although collective intelligence can be coherently defined, in practice it is not one thing. It serves diverse functions, comes in diverse forms, and has many diverse names and aspects.

Posted by Tom Atlee, Sat, Sep 10 2005 06:29 PM
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August 27, 2005

What do we mean by the "field of CI?"

My thinking about the field of CI has been shaped, primarily, by the following documents authored by Tom Atlee. I greatly appreciate the breadth and depth of his sensing and pioneering cartography of the field.

Given that it's a fast-moving field no map can ever be 100% accurate but a collective of "map makers" could keep the travellers more or less well-equipped. Beyond that starts the wonderful, most exciting challenge - augmenting the collective intelligence of the CI field.

Enjoy the reading and help improving the maps; accuracy with your questions and comments!

* Notes on forms of collective intelligence

* Emerging and converging fields involving collective intelligence

* Levels/realms of human collective intelligence"

Posted by George Por, Sat, Aug 27 2005 08:27 AM
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