August 15, 2003

Working in public, working in private

Wow! Looking at the date of my last entry, I've just realized that I haven't blogged here for 3 weeks! I must have been damn busy with some "collective intelligence in action" project. In fact, I still am but my project gently led me back to the blog. Here's how.

Believing that the philosophers job includes not only interpreting the world but making it better for the largest number of its habitants, I started working--with some colleagues--on a software project that should give a hand to that job.

We're considering an "opens source/hybrid" possiblity and started thinking about what part of the project would make the most sense to have in closed vs. open source. My exploration led me to an insightful comparative table of working in public vs. working in private, by Andrius Kulikauskas. His bio on the web is only 4 lines, so I decided to link this entriy to him-- as a token sign of my recognition--via an interesting, co-creative think tank he founded, called Mincius Sodas Laboratory.

The comparative table doesn't answer directly my question but it gives some good starting points for further exploration of the criteria, based on which our group can decide about what to put into closed vs. open source.