June 30, 2010

on junto, élan, Kosmic synchronicity, and movement cartography

"We are at a critical point in human history, where as a globally interdependent society, we must learn how to lower these barriers, share information, collaborate, and cocreate value in new ways." @VenessaMiemis

Junto logo.jpgLearning how to learn that, and sharing what I learn, is what I've been dedicating my life to since the mid-80's. Reading the overview of junto's concept, philosophy, and components, I felt my heart full of joy and gratitude to the collective wisdom and expertise of the junto group, and to Venessa for her buildership  and eloquent articulation of what is needed to accelerate collaborative learning, locally and globally.

In the junto concept, I found the most practical and feasible expression of a web-enabled, emergent system for boosting our collective intelligence that became a matter of our survival and thriving as a species.

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June 27, 2010

Conversation transcript-> mindmap-> semantic web-> sane sentient AI


Imaginal cells in the protoplasm, from which the new civilization is emerging, discover the current state of their fluid identity, by being engaged in generative conversations with one another.


When we collaborate using the currently available tools, we are able to share meaning and develop themes, resulting in a record of the interactions which then requires processing in order to extract the valuable data which emerged from the conversation. @cyber_shaman

As long as we stay on the edge of not knowing and wanting to know what is that which wants to come into being through our conversations, the narrative evolving from them is a of high value. It is a narrative that gradually becomes more coherent as we continually co-sense what is and co-initiate what it can be and throw ourselves in the dance of the being and becoming parts of ourselves.

That narrative deserves our sustained shared-attention. @Cyber_shaman's recent post   on "Practices and Processes for boosting CI" is truly generative. Staying connected with that inquiry, and standing in it with intense curiosity and humility, we can move the edge of discovery and co-creative action.

The harvested information is a valuable resource as part of an evolving collective 'meme-stream' (to coin a phrase) so we want to be able to access and include it in the evolving discourse in a way that becomes 'standard' with a view to automation of the process for optimal benefit to the overall process. @cyber_shaman

Yes! and there are various candidates in the works, as we speak; standard-candidates that may synch with one another to let the next-gen collab software parse more dimensions of  our knowledge/action ecosystem. One of the most promising candidates is #NarrativeFractals , another is the social tetrahedron.

Ultimately we need to be able to provide this information to the semantic web so it can process and refine it as a collaborative partner to us (which is what it is set to become). @cyber_shaman

That's the best naming of the semantic web's evolutionary significance that I've heard! It's a partner that we can shape and it will shape us. It is a good time to ask daring questions about the nature of that partnering. Sorting out the best conversation mapping methods that need to be supported by our new collaborative mapping tools, we are also preparing ourselves to ask those deeper questions.

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December 13, 2009

Collecive intelligence tools for supporting global cooperative work

The stellar line up of workshops at the upcoming ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work reflects the edge of CSCW research, with profound implications for the global-scale cooperative work needed to mach global challenges.

Technically, it has become possible to connect constellations of CI pools of any size. That possibility, when coupled with the passion of social innovators and the wizards of social process technologies, is a key enabler of the current and much needed shift in the evolution of how we organize ourselves as societies and as the crew of Spaceship Earth...

Back to the ACM Conference on CSCW, I’ve just learned that there will be a workshop  on software tools to support Collective Intelligence in organizations. I’m wondering whether the designers/organizers of the conference envisioned to wrap it into a blanket of advanced CI tools and methods, as to augment the CI of the field of CI tool makers, itself?

The program doesn’t say anything about it, probably because the focus is CI in organizations, as it should be, not what it can do for solving world problems. Nevertheless, I believe that there will be a good number of people among the delegates, speakers, panelists, and interactive poster presenters, who feel inspired to address the broader implications of frontier research in CSCW for the world.

message in a bottle.jpgWhat could crystallize that interest so that during the conference a “Big Picture” caucus can form (under any other name) and explore research questions of common or adjacent interest? This blog entry is a message in a bottle, thrown into the digital ocean for someone interested in that question...

September 21, 2009

Facilitating the local/global dynamics of CI calls for a collective sensing organ

Robin Temple commented on the Chaordic Dialogue Practice blogpost. Instead replying to it in that thread of comments, I've chosen to put the thoughts that it triggered in a new entry, as to give more visibility to it and our dialogue. Quotes are from Robin's original comment.

“On Chaordic Dialogue - two things I perhaps could contribute:
- your proposal of 'dis-locating' dialogue in both dimensions of time and space opens up the possibility for the reality that is not bound by time and space to freely emerge in any such dialogue.
This 'non-located' reality is the one that holds the intelligence and wisdom we so much seem to lose when we get too much caught up in our space-time 'points of view'. Interestingly, this intelligent reality still 'needs' us, as participants in the conversation...”

It sure does. It's only through our active engagement can it become aware of itself. I am thrilled by that we can't even start fathoming the acceleration of local evolution when the intelligent reality of the global meta-being awakens to self-awareness. There’s a beginning conversation about the self-awareness of the meta-being here, which may be of interest to students of the life of our Emerging Planetary Reality.

Escher's Implosion of spiral toroid.jpgI believe there's an increasing return on the double spiral of the local enriching the global, and the global making the local wiser. I started sharing my observations about the local/global dynamics here and further explored some aspect of the “collective intelligences playing at different scale” theme under that heading in a research note As we apply both systemic observation and collaborative intuition to the inquiry into, and sense-making from, that dynamics, we can become better agents of it.

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July 1, 2006

Redwoods, Messiah, shared-attention, and sustaining CI

"One of the things I love that is so special about the Redwood trees is that they are MASSIVE and yet they only send their roots about ten feet deep... they send them wide and hold onto their community for strength. Good reminder for us all," says Gentle Thunder, a sister of the "standing people," her bellowed tree beings. She plays flutes, drum and hammer dulcimer in a way that stirs the souls and seduces us into the deepest reverence for life. The beauty of her music and the systemic wisdom of her words reminded me a new way to look at my quest, a new way to hold my question:

Why can't we stand together as the redwoods, grounded in our collective intelligence and wisdom in a sustainable way, not only in the precious moments of enlightened communication or the magic in the middle (.pdf), when our heartbeats synch with the rhythm of Life itself?

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October 12, 2005

CI in Denmark

Under the name CIPI, Collective Intelligence Practitioners Initiative, a loosely organized group of 15-20 people in Denmark, identifying themselves as practioneers (experienced, beginners, becoming, whatever...) in the field of CI, meets regularly for two day sessions of inquiry. Participation is by invitation - not to exclude anyone, but to ensure commitment and relevance in participation.

The purpose is to engage a field of collective intelligence in between members, and to bring the field in service of changes that they think needs support. They belive that the practices and leadership of CI can only be developed or discovered in collectives on the edge. You can connect with CIPI through World Café pioneer, Finn Voldtofte, .

I've just heard that the group may organize an international CIPI festival, next Spring, near Aarhus, Denmark. I offered my enthused support to it, so if it happens, you will certainly hear about it in the Blog of CI. Stay tuned.

September 28, 2005

Connecting conversations - come out, join the bigger you and play

I rarely came across a stranger, who could as accurately describe my feelings and aspirations, by expressing his own, as Michael Dubois did in his blog entry on "Co-Intelligence. The part and the whole".

"What if some of us did know or at least had the requisite pieces of the whole of understanding for what to do and how to do it? How would we recognize a workable way among all the competing philosophies and strategies and schemes? And if we did recognize a workable way out of our mess, how would we communicate it?"

"This is what is haunting me every day now. I seem to be understanding more and more of what is happening, and what we will need to do now and in the very near future. And the interesting thing for me is that the main feature of this understanding is that it is a partially complete piece of a much larger whole, and that whole is all of us. In other words, I don’t have the answer, and I never will, but I am an intrinsic part of the answer. I am a node of the collective intelligence that literally MUST awaken from its dormancy. I feel now like a piece of the Big Hologram. I have the whole vision inside me, but it must be united with the whole visions that are inside everyone else or it’s worthless and doomed. And I’m beginning to wake up to how this will work or die trying."

Fortunately, not only we are still alive but there are more and more of us "beginning to wake up to how this will work."

Yet, the movement of "collective intelligence" is still largely invisible to itself, in spite the half million webpages using that term. "The 'movement' isn't lots of people carrying signs in the street. It is the motion of the living social body, in this case, as it is waking up." -- Tom Atlee, founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute.

It is awakening as we connect our conversations, seeking the answers, the new capabilities that only together we can be. I don’t know why but that reminds me of a cartoon showing a little girl hugging every little comrades of her in the kindergarten, and in the last picture, she says, “because God has only my arms to hug them all.”

The creative impulse of the universe that is trying to come through in our 1-on-1 conversations really needs us, each of us, to connect the fragments of meaning perceived individually and in pairs, into a bigger picture of coherent landscape and action. It is both humbling and inspiring to realize that there are important messages coming from the noetic field, which have more enfolded complexity than any individual mind/consciousness could fully contain and absorb.

It is humbling because our personally-focused self-sense can’t grasp the higher, impersonal sense of self, in which it is extended to the collective that became, from an evolutionary perspective, the basic unit of cognition and intelligence.

It is also inspiring, if we hear it as a knock on our door by evolution (towards higher complexity and integration), which says, hey come out, join the bigger you and play.

Knock... knock... do you hear it?

September 27, 2005

The 4-fold ecosystem of CI - an inquiry into our survival

There are two questions that frequently keep me awake in the night or wake me up in the morning. This morning, they did it again. They are:

  • Shall we have the collective will and capacity to absorb the complexity of the impending crisis of crises, also known as the "perfect storm," or shall we not, and be defeated by it?
  • If the winning scenario is to prevail, what it will take to make it so?

This morning, the pieces of the puzzle started coming together and asked for this blog entry.

It seems that our best hope for developing an adequate response to the perfect storm is in the collective intelligence of an ecosystem comprised of four fields:

1. Rigorous, scientific research on large-scale CI that provides coherent frameworks and methodologies for building successful prototypes of complex CI systems

2. Such social innovations as enlightened communications and deliberative democracy, peer-to-peer, and open source, coupled and supported by the best theories and practices of whole system change and large-group interventions

3. A post-metaphysical, evolutionary spirituality embedded in the great story, an inspiring context, the wisdom of which can support practitioners on all four fields

4. Advanced and emerging technologies for collaborative knowledge development and coordination, which can power of up the thought and action of CI researchers, social activists, and initiators of applying them to every area of social life

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March 4, 2005

The response-ability of the practitioners

Reflections on global good news, bad news and the response-ability of the collective wisdom and intelligence fields to both

The good news

Who would have thought that the threat of nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States will give rise to humankind's most powerful force of production, the Internet, and that a humble initiative of cooperation between a small group scientists will give birth to our global brain, the Web? Yet, that's exactly what happened, creating a potential for our species to evolve towards a civilization of higher complexity, deeper differentiation ad integration, and more compassion and solidarity in action. Here are some of the good news:

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