July 25, 2003

One Mind

Shortly after quoting David Bohm on the need to develop a higher collective intelligence, in my blog entry related to Andrew Cohen’s ‘Intersubjective Enlightenment’, I've discovered another gem from Bohm. It became yet another source of my inspiration to create a new Learning Expedition, a form of collaborative action research, It would target the conditions of reaching and sustaining higher levels of collective intelligence and wisdom, over time.

In this entry, I share with you both the Bohm quote and the very first articulation of the action research’s general frame, with great curiosity of what you think of both.

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June 13, 2003

Are we curious enough?

Robin Good and John Kellden commented on "Innervation leading to synchronicity?". Their comments inspired the following message.

Robin and John, thanks to you for coming back here and commenting. In a small scale, your act is part of what I referred to, using Teilhard's term, as "innervation."

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June 8, 2003

Innervation leading to synchronicity?

In his comment on the "Explaining collective intelligence to non-specialists" entry, Robin Good wrote:

> Another important aspect that adds up exponentially to the viability created by a noosphere is the aspect of synchronicity. Ideas and concepts are not only technologically subsidized and in their ability to spread and feed each other, but new concepts and worldviews are simultaneously accessed from multiple individual viewpoints during this very time.

Below is what Robin's thoughts inspired.

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