April 20, 2003

Towards an attention economy of CI

“I didn't adequately address ‘...the bipolarity opposition between the Net and the Self.’  Note to self, need another framework to explain how self-serving utility pursuits result in emergent value.  Note to Net, feel free to chime in.” from
Ross Mayfield's Weblog

Ross, I don’t have a framework but am happy to contribute to its emergence through the dialogue that your reply to Tim’ Oren’s comments on Ecosystem of Networks, I hope will trigger in blogosphere and beyond.

I think you’re at the heart of attention economics’ core issues, and your conversation with Tim has the potential to build momentum for an “attention economy” framework to “explain how self-serving utility pursuits result in emergent value.” Here’s my 2 cents to it.

My favorite self-serving pursuits is to learn getting smarter about the increasingly complex range of possibilities I/we have for creating value. The complexity of match between opportunities and capabilities ti meet them is fueled by the concurrent differentiation of both. In this context, increasing my evolutionary fitness to benefit from our collective evolutionary fitness--or collective intelligence (CI)--seems a good personal strategy for maximizing utility.

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