August 13, 2005

"Are you in for a phone call tonight?"

-- Are you in for a phone call tonight? - asked Ria.

I answered, tomorrow would be better because--while waiting for replies from Bud, Otto, Thierry, Federico, and Albert--I’m busy with observing the direction, in which my creative inspirations want to flow tonight.

After replying, I entered into a contemplation about the last part of the sentence that I've just written. As soon as I did, the Truth of Impersonality appeared in my awareness and shortly after, my inner ears heard a message as follows:

Leaning into the unknown,
you will see the direction emerging from the space within,
in which an intensely present creative impulse meets
one of the calls from the Field that are asking for your attention.

Tonight, the impulse was to write. The call came from the Blog of Collective Intelligence. I got out of the way, and this entry was born.